Neighborhood Traffic

Traffic in Your Neighborhood
Traffic is a major factor that affects the livability of a community. As speeding and vehicular volume increases, walking to the neighborhood store or even across to the street to a neighbor's house can be an uncomfortable event. Where a person lives is a very important part of how a person feels about their community. The noise, safety hazards, vehicular speeds, vehicular volumes, existence of sidewalks and bike lanes all contribute to the neighborhood’s integrity. Here are some Hi Neighbor tips to control traffic in your neighborhood:
  • Work with your neighbors to discuss the traffic, speeding and parking issues in your neighborhood.
  • Place cones or “Children Playing” warning signs when children are playing in the street.
  • Parking cars on both sides of the street to narrow the passageway will help slow speeding cars.
  • Knowing which cars belong in the neighborhood can help with the confusion about illegally parked cars or abandoned vehicles.
Police Assistance
In some situations, the Police Department can respond to traffic complaints with enforcement and traffic engineering solutions. The fastest way to contact the Police Department about traffic issues in your neighborhood is through Anaheim Anytime. The Police Department can also be reached at 714-765-1900. Neighborhoods can also request help from the Police Department and Traffic Engineering to improve signage, and discuss restricted or permit parking.

Crime Prevention Specialist
For more information about Community Policing activities in your neighborhood, visit the Anaheim Police Department's Crime Prevention page.